Phillip Ryals


Phillip Ryals joined Busch Global in 2016. For over twenty years, he has been involved in the software industry, focusing on cloud-based software development, server administration, UI/UX, and graphic design. His previous role was with a software company in the office products industry, where he managed three domestic teams, as well as teams in India and Bolivia. While there, he used his extensive industry knowledge to create a product tailored to customer needs.

Phillip has an insatiable love of learning, and is a strong strategic thinker. That means he is always looking for new ways to improve the software he builds. As Vice President of Product Development, he works hard to create tools that make life easier, and business profitable.

In his free time, Phillip enjoys relaxing with his wife and son, most likely watching some sort of sci-fi. He also manages to find time for woodworking, painting, and writing.