Tammy Busch


Tammy Busch serves as President of Busch Global. She is responsible for spearheading the overall growth and direction of the company´s marketing initiatives, channel development, and strategic partnerships. Tammy’s primary responsibilities include executing the company´s marketing strategy.

Tammy has been an exceptional marketing professional since 2000, working for the Houston Chronicle for 13 years, where she was responsible for helping to build and expand lead generation efforts for existing clients. During her tenure there, Tammy acquired ample experience working with a diversity of industries including automotive, construction, retail, and service industries.

Currently, Tammy is the owner of 6 franchise locations in the spa industry in the Houston and Dallas area. She is also a regional developer of the Dallas and Houston area where she oversees all franchise sells and marketing efforts for each region.

Tammy has been the recipient of the prestigious Houston Chronicle Publisher’s Award as well as the Recipient of the 2007 Houston Chronicle Merit Award for Best Online Sales.