Franchising Marketing


Let’s Create Your Company’s GROWTH Strategy

Marketing your franchise is of most importance. As your franchise consultants we will develop a comprehensive plan for generating franchise sales leads. This plan, based on your expansion goals and the profile of the target franchise owner, will recommend specific marketing activities and will include appropriate creative materials that can be utilized in the franchise sales campaign.

As part of our Franchise services, we will provide you franchise sales training on how to sell effectively.

Franchise Lead generation is critical to the success of growing your brand. For over a 15 year period, we’ve utilized all forms of advertising and lead sources. Your franchise recruiting process must understand the regional buying culture and expectations broken down by state. In addition, potential franchise buyers must be selected for not only for their emotional interest, but also for their financial qualifications. Only a handful of pre-qualified candidates will become a new franchisee.

Selecting potential franchisees also require analysis of individual demographics, including education, age, net worth, and transferable skills. At Busch Global we will help work with male/female, husband/wife, partners and investors. Each group has different intricacies and we will help you diagnose your candidates’ potential to protect your marketing budget.

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