Franchising Operations


Let’s Create Your Company’s GROWTH Strategy

Busch Global is a franchise consulting firm with the Knowledge and experience necessary to help you navigate the process of franchising.

Operations is one of the most important aspects of any successful business, and in particularly of a franchise business. Franchise Operations Manuals are the integrity and backbone of your operational systems and processes. The organizational layout and simplicity of these manuals will invite more frequent franchisee usage, provided they are detailed and user friendly.

As a franchisor for 15 years our executive team has ample experience in developing effective franchise operations manuals. As your franchise consultants we’ll help you with the development of these documents and ensure systems and process that will work weather you are single digit franchise or a 100+ unit franchise.

Also important in operations is the methods for effective communication for franchisors, franchisees and their employees. We will also assist in developing effective communication means for your franchise critical for training and franchisee support.

As you grow, solid processes and systems will improve internal accountability and standardization, both essential for franchising success.

If you believe franchising is your path for growth, call us today for a free consultation.