Franchising Strategy


Let’s Create Your Company’s GROWTH Strategy

Busch Global is a franchise consulting firm with the Knowledge and experience necessary to help you navigate the process of franchising.

We consult with business owners and provide the essential management tools for success: including franchise sales and field support training, marketing strategies for franchises, site location and lease negotiation, and web-based franchisee communication technology. Our team’s knowledge and experience will accelerate your unit level growth, increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance profitability.

We will assist you in developing a franchise system with the right strategies to successfully achieve your regional and national or international expansion plan.
Don’t wait. Our management team is eager to help you succeed in the franchising world.

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Where do you want to take your business?

If you plan on franchising as a growth strategy, it is imperative you find a strategic partner for a person-to-person, open and honest discussion of your strengths and weaknesses, that can help you analyze your current business position, determine what you want to achieve, and develop the steps you will need to take to get there.
At Busch Global we will examine your concept or industry, and will advise on how to get personally and professionally ready to franchise your business.

We will also lay out a plan to build a high-performance franchise company. We help you determine your overall goals, and establish the personal and business tactics that will take you there.

At Busch Globalwe will give you the techniques and proven planning strategies to guide you through growth. Once we evaluate your unique business operations and how well these are working and documented, we will help you compare the financial and operational choices and then decide whether to open corporate locations, when to start your franchising program or whether to postpone your franchise expansion strategy.
If you believe franchising is your path for growth, call us today for a free consultation.