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Costa Oil

Costa Oil is a hassle free, 10 minute oil change service. With our knowledge and industry experience, we know that overhead costs can be what breaks a company. However, with us, we are capable of managing our overhead cost in order to optimize our system and enhance our customer service. Our brand has a low cost of entry to a passive business model that has residual business and our locations are run strategically in order to achieve this. Our model allows us to stick to the true quick lube model as it was intended when the industry was created. The original quick lube model includes less expensive equipment for higher liability lower margin services, which require more expensive labor, and the streamlined quick lube model lends better to absentee ownership and multi unit capabilities making it the superior model. With only offering oil change services, working around space restraints, and training just two employees we’re able to simplify payroll and utilize our time and space efficiently.

With our business offering a specialty facility and service, we are able to put our focus on the things our consumers care about - their time, and the service they are looking to receive. We believe the quick lube industry has been ahead of its time in terms of selling back the consumer their time. No hassle or waiting around, just in and out with exceptional service in between. In addition to being ultra focused on the customer, we also utilize our building space in conjunction with industry changes and advancements. In the last decade, the oil change interval has been stretched because of new synthetic oils, rendering traditional quick lubes with three or four bays unnecessary because they won’t have the volume to justify massive leases or mortgages. At Costa Oil we are the first to deploy the new prototype prefabricated kiosk design because we saw the advantage in finding smaller, niche locations. Turning 8 unused parking spaces into a new revenue generating space allows for developers and real estate owners to increase their capital rate at no additional cost, or loss to them. For us, this presents endless opportunities for locations we can advance into.

We’ve formed our system so that industry changes add to our emerging success rather than hinder it, and we are breaking industry standards. One industry change is full synthetic oil. With this new stretch in the oil change interval, we found that if we optimized our time and didn’t waste man power or resources on other automotive services that aren’t used often, then we could still come out ahead of our competition, so we adjusted our system to accommodate more consumers in less time, and in doing so, made the overhead more affordable even with the stretch in the oil change interval.

Costa OilCosta Oil
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